Stunning Steel Art by Lisa Sarah

It’s always so heartwarming when artists can make a living from their craft. Lisa Turley is one such artist, and her stainless steel designs are slick, original and perfect for any home.

full name:  Lisa Turley

name of business:  LisaSarah – designs in steel


names and ages of children:  Corban (7) Denham (6)

in one sentence, what is it that you do? Design stainless steel wall art for indoors and out

when was it that you decided to start your own business? Hmm.  I did an interior design course when I was pregnant with Denham and started up a customised word art business (  This was before the market got inundated with cheaper imports.  Then, when we redeveloped our garden, I looked everywhere for stylish outdoor art – with no luck.  So I researched the best materials and made some of my own.  I have a passion for stainless steel!

what have been the toughest challenge/s for you? Mentoring for the next level, exporting to Australia.  Also, working on my own, at home, can get a bit lonely.

what have been the most rewarding elements of being a mumpreneur? Working around my kids and doing something that I absolutely love doing.

what’s some advice you can give other women looking to start or develop their own business?  Just do it.  Sometimes I think that we think too long and too hard about something and doubts creep in.  I think just give it a go!


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